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tv   News at 5pm  FOX  October 10, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm PDT

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he had another firearm in his car, plus a bag of zip ties, amongst other things. >> i think all the letters sort of ask the court not to allow this particular inside to define mr. thompson in the context of his life. >> every time somebody like this does something like this, it erodes the public trust in not only the police but the criminal justice system as a whole. >> reporter: in the end he was not sentenced to the county jail but one year of electronic home detention. >> in the past 90 minutes air force 1 touched down at san francisco airport. the president is visiting the bay area as part of a three-day west coast fun raising trip ahead of mid-term elections next month. we were there for the president's arrival. there was an unusual crowd on hand to
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meet the president today. >> yes. with the election just a few weeks away he made a special effort to reach out to a crowd that was bussed here. on the tarmac of the airport, the president was greeted by the friends and families of white house workers and air force 1 crew members along with former campaign workers. >> we got invited to come out today and be a part of the greeting party. >> reporter: the president is in tonight and tomorrow for two private fundraisers aimed at raising millions of dollars to boost democratic candidates with less than a month left until the fall election. >> there's always a dip in the mid--term elections. we want to make sure the marginal voter understands what is going on and turns out to vote. >> reporter: tickets range in price. a 20-person round table
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at city hall tops out at about $3,000 each. >> "money for jobs and education"... >> reporter: antiwar protesters outside the hotel draw attention to the war in the middle east. >> we want the u.s. to stop all of this and get out of the middle east. >> reporter: the local officials say the president counts northern california as his top fundraising region. he's set to return to washington, d.c. tomorrow afternoon. >> before arriving in san francisco, the president was in southern california and designated 350,000 acres as a national monument, protecting it from development. we'll have a live report from san francisco
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where the president is hosting a fundraiser tonight. the minimum wage is set to increased. starting july 2015 the minimum wage jumped to 10.30 an hour. city councilmembers approved the plan last night. a second reading of the proposal is scheduled for later this month. the state attorney general as opened an independent investigation related to the deadly pipeline explosion. e-mails were obtained showing the probe is focused on the california public utilities and the communication with pg & e. the blue angles roared
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across san francisco today. it was the second day of practice for this weekend's air show and tense of thousands are here foughtier -- tens of thousands are here for the event. it caked off with the parade of navy ships. >> reporter: san francisco has had an off and on love affair for three generations, and now it appears that love affair is on. an i posing parade of navy ships brought thousands to san francisco's waterfront, impressing even battle veterans. >> heck, yeah, look at them. >> reporter: other veterans told them what is impresses them is an attitude reemerging. >> they guard the gates. that's what they do. >> reporter: we found that
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point view among the civilians, as well. >> they need to be respected because they give their life for the country. >> reporter: some say that it may be a function of a more dangerous world today and others say the bay area misses the military presence they lost. >> i've always remembered fleet week. >> reporter: it's a mostly military event but for some it's mostly a show. >> an excuse to be outside and enjoy san francisco. it's pretty awesome watching the blue angles and all the tricks. >> reporter: patriotism is making its way here. >> we got another view of the
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parade of the golden gate bridge. you can see the navy bridge passing underneath. let's bring in our meteorologist to get specifics on the weather this weekend. >> fog developing right now and it will be a factor in the saturday forecast, especially the early portion of the afternoon. right now on the satellite there's the fog bank. you can see the clouds hugging half moon bay and ocean beach and parts of san francisco. there's our live camera looking out toward the transamerica pyramid. we are expecting fog for tonight and into tomorrow morning. here is the forecast models as we put this into motion. tomorrow morning, a bit more coverage around the bay and clouds clear back and near the coastline. i think we could have a few patches in the bay into the afternoon hours, so at least for the fleet week forecast for tomorrow, morning fog, still partly cloudy skies into the afternoon hours and temperatures in the lower 70s.
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i think the sunny day will be on sunday, lots of sunshine and temperatures in the upper 70s. a bit of a warning trend in your weekend forecast and we will talk about some offshore winds that will boost the fire danger. >> thank you. on we have created a slide show of all of the excitement and a list of the events for you. a man at the center of the fbi sting operation that led to the indictment of the state senator was back in court today. lawyers for the gain gangster asked if he could have a laptop in his cell so he could over many documents in his case. san francisco police say a man killed today in the city's
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south market neighborhood shot himself after shooting a woman, happening around 5:00 a.m. the man opened fire in an apartment complex. >> we have a female victim that was shot in the upper body. she was transported to san francisco general hospital and she has life-threatening injuries. the male is the suspect, after he shot the female victim, imposing a self-inflicted gunshot wound and was pronounced dead hereths scene. >> it's unclear whether they were married. their identities have not been released. now to the ebola outbreak. in dallas there's new t debate about america's readiness to respond to the virus. we see the questions about the government's response. >> reporter: two days after the death of the first ebola patient diagnosed in the u.s., a panel met to discuss the nation's response to the outbreak in west africa.
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>> to be clear, the situation here at home is far different than what is happening in west africa. we have a strong public health infrastructure in place, particularly here in texas, which enables us to work to contain the virus more effectively. >> reporter: the house homeland security committee convened in dallas where duncan died less than three weeks after arriving in the u.s. from ebola-stricken liberia, passing through -- >> it's important to remember that the cdc has stated the risk of an outbreak in the u.s. is low. >> reporter: five of the nation's report will screen travelers from the hardest-hit, including jfk, among four
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others. >> many americans are asking the question, why aren't we banning all flights from west africa into the u.s.? >> in order to stop it, we need uninhibited transit into and out of the country so that we can bring the resources there. >> reporter: they have warned the number of cases in liberia could be as high as 1.4 million without from others. >> in the humanitarian crisis, france and turkey are calling for a buffer zone to protect refugees fleeing. the u.s. has rejected the idea. at the same time, the united nations is pleading for help for hundreds
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of people trapped. one official says that isis forces have seized the town's government b buildings. a potential serial predator, the latest outside a busy coffee shop, all widening the investigation. an inmate freed after decades is behind bars. the element that helped him proved i sent. the unique ironman and why its tougher than ever to make the cut.
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♪ bring them all to the table with the kfc favorites bucket. 8 pieces of chicken with 12 hot wings or 6 extra crispy tenders. ♪ half moon bay is getting ready for its 41st annual pumpkin weigh-off.
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with territory $30,000 on the line, many wonder how much the drought played a part. >> i started out with seven plants. i've been growing here for like nine or 10 years. >> reporter: you will find a very special garden that has taken him years to build. >> several thousand yards of compast. >> reporter: this is unique. >> this is called godzilla. this is the smaller one, and we call them big pumpkins. >> reporter: growers are superstitious. >> yes. i've been advised not to be doing this interview.
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>> reporter: but he agreed to talk talk to us. >> the hawaii ironman of growing pumpkins. >> reporter: he was not sure he would have a pumpkin at all this year. some growers couldn't. >> they strictly were forbidden from using a certain number of gallons. where i live they asked us to do a 30% voluntary redirection in the water use, so generally i grew 10 plants and this year, just seven. >> reporter: two big pumpkins were born. >> i just want to make it happen. >> reporter: in the final hours before the slate is cleared, he takes another look at the numbers. >> it's 204.5 inches wide, and these are somewhere between 1700 and 1900. >> reporter: all that is left
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to do is cover them up and hope it pays off. it will make its way to half moon bay this weekend and the big weigh-in is monday morning. >> the ceo of microsoft is apologizing for remarks he made at a conference for women in technology. here is what he said when asked his advice. >> it's not about asking for the raise but knowing and having faith that the system will actually give you the right raises as you go along. that's good karma and it will come back. >> as you might expect the criticism came pouring in. many people pointed out the lack of gender diversity in the tech sector. today he said in a blog post, quote, men and women should get equal pay for equal work and if you think you deserve a raise, you should
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just ask. visual travel to california state parks is possible via a google street view. we're showing you pictures from angel island. the new images offer a look at new remote areas of 14 parks. also, as you can see in arabia, they hired a camel for this, and here are some of the biggest sand dunes. they captured these pictures. this is the first animal to carry a camera. let's check in with mark. a big weekend, lots of stuff going on. people are out and about. what is happening. >> a lot going on. temperatures will be rising into the weekend, especially for fleet week. sunday will be the warmest day of the weekend. today, one of the coolest days of the week. we have upper 50s to talk
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about now. san francisco, 58 degrees. some patchy fog regrouping near the coast. we're fracking the weather in st. louis and they are picking up rain showers over the last couple of days, and that's still the case with the rain showers pushing into the region. here is the forecast model for later tonight and tomorrow. nlcs game one tomorrow, and this model shows a lot of clouds, and there's a slight chance of a few showers, about a 20% chance. we are expecting mostly cloudy skies, and temperatures will be in the mid-50s and winds out of the northeast around 6 mph. back here in the bay area, we're tracking the fog. more low clouds are pushing back into the bay and that will be a factor in the forecast for tonight and
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tomorrow morning. everybody warms up into the weekend. next week we're tracking rain chances as a cold front moves in to northern california. the latest models are bumping up those chances into next week. overnight, tomorrow morning, the 50s with a foggy coast side. fog increases over the night and temperatures head up this weekend as this low pressure scoots out and the high pressure moves in. the warmest day will be on sunday and the fire danger goes up, so we have a red flag warning beginning late saturday and lasting through monday morning, gusty winds out there and we could have winds approaching 40 mph with that red flag warning place in place and it remains in place until early monday morning. tomorrow, the clouds in the morning and clearing back into the
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afternoon hours, still partly cloudy skies around the bay and lots of sunshine to livermore. oakland, 76, san jose, lower 80s, san francisco, lower 70s, your five-day forecast, temperatures are ramping up into sunday. we definitely cool things off into monday. look at those changes by tuesday and wednesday, more clouds, a chance of some rain. that looks like it could be late maybe tuesday afternoon and tuesday night. we have baseball returning to the bay area so a sensitive forecast, for sure, on tuesday. >> and we're concerned about rain in st. louis. >> definitely. >> thank you. a childress cued after he falls into the big cat exhibit at the zoo, how he fell and the tactics they used to keep the cats away. plus, we talked to a veteran pilot about what it's getting back up in the air after a deadly crash. what we're working on for
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at 6:00. the daughters of charity is financially strapped itself, the changing of hands for six bay area hospitals and the differences patients could see. a teenager set on fire while riding the bus, why charges could change for the other teenager accused of the crime, these stories and more coming up at 6:00.
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a fisherman in southern california made a discovery made possible by the drought.
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a man fishing on a lake found a backpack in shallow water. inside the backpack was a gun, a badge, a watch and other items that warp lost by a federal agent more than two decades ago. >> there was a badge for the department of treasury, and i knew that i better find the sheriffs and give it to them. >> reporter: it belonged to an agent who still works for the department. it went -- thousands of for the he is released from snapchat. photos are supposed to disappear after 30 seconds but a third-party allows them to save it. they said individuals were victimized, as many as 200,000 snaps, including many explicit photos are set to be released
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on sunday. protesters are filling a hong kong streets, blocking access to the city's business district for two weeks, demanding freedom to choose their own political candidates rather than those selected by hong kong leaders. thus has been wayneing. wells fargo has greed to pay $5 million to settle claims that its home loan officers discriminated against pregnant women. some of the women claimed the loan officers forced them to end maternity leave early and return to work before finalizing their loans but they deny they broke the loan saying they settled to avoid a long
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legal battle. a deadly crash that grounded some of the fleet. a new born baby abandoned in a dumpster. gearing up for tomorrow's big game, giants' fans show us their pre-game rich rituals, bringing out the orange and black. they have their gear ready to go. we have the game for you right here on ktvu channel 2. pregame show coverage starts at 4:00 and the game starts at 5:00 and afterwards, join us for our special, chasing the championship! ♪ [ music ]
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cal fire says the tanker planes can fly again as an investigation rules out mechanical problems in a deadly crash. today cal fire lifted the safety stand-down of the tankers like the one that
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crashed, killing the pilot. >> witness statements and traffic evidence assisted greatly. >> the pilot was killed. today they said the left wing was found apart from the rest of the plane and conditions were smoky and the -- [indiscernible] -- >> the 22 tankers play a big part in the firefighting team and now the aircraft are active-ready and can be anywhere in california in 20 minutes. we spent the day at a base and it didn't take long for the action to begin. >> reporter: after 1:00, tanker 85 was the first to leave the base for a practice flight. >> our maintenance program is impeccable. >> reporter: that dry run quickly turned into a real fire attack mission when a wildfire
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broke out, and the tanker kept the fire from spreading. >> the mission is to keep 95% of all fires at 10 acres or less and we do a pretty good job of that. >> reporter: nobody was the least bit concerned about the integrity. >> i believe that plane is the strongest airplane for the job. >> reporter: he should know because he has piloted returning tankers for the last many season. he says he'll always mourn for the fallen, but he'll still keep going. while the federal government sent a few aircraft in, the fact of the matter is, california has the largest firefighting fleet in
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the u.s. and without these aircraft in the sky, california was at risk. >> the grass is not as tall because we had a drought and it didn't have a chance to grow so it's harder to carry the fire into fuels that want to burn, but when they do, hang on tight. we've got fire. >> reporter: before today's resell assumption returning, they were fueled, retardant, ready to go. the tankers circled overhead just in case blown embers started another fire. ktvu channel 2 news. >> the fire crews say they are making steady progress on the fire northeast of sacramento, 37% contained at 420 acres.
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there's still mandatory evacuations still in effect tonight. they are mostly fighting the fire from the air due to the steep, rugged terrain. crews are looking into the possibility a person started the fire. here we go. the giants are chasing another national league championship. tomorrow they take on the cardinals. while that game is not here at home, fans are just as excited. we see some of their pre-game rituals. >> reporter: lindsey places her foot over her commemorative brick. >> i step on the block for good luck. >> reporter: she has been wearing giants colors every day for the past month and now needs to stock up. she was not alone. >> black and orange. it's october! >> reporter: today postseason gear is flying off the shelf but some fans prefer gear you can
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where all season long. >> i came over at lunch because i need more paraphernalia for the g game. >> i have my lucky giants ear rinse. >> reporter: this individual is also taking no chances, polish for her hands and down. >> i'm going to all three games. >> reporter: she says she'll be carrying the american flag onto the field next tuesday. the out of the blue invitation from the giants is a huge departure from her standard rituals, but she's hoping for the best. moving to social media, here is a picture from rose. you can see her in the orange wing. take a look at this, and look
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at what it says... this one from brandy, her kids wearing giants' hats that can double as wigs! [ laughter ] >> thank you. you see a lot of orange and black in the newsroom. a woman learned today she had been given the nobel peace prize. another case of a man flashing people in public places right in broad daylight, the fourth time this week. what may link the latest incident to at least one other. a heartbreaking find in a dumpster, a new born found.
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police are searching for the person who abandoned a baby girl in a dumpster. she was found yesterday in the dumpster by an apartment complex. the little girl was just a few hours cold. the man said she was cold and wrapped in a towel. >> i reached in and grabbed her and took off my t-shirt and
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covered the baby up. my wife brought her inside and massaged her and she heard the baby cry. >> california has a safe haven law which allows new borns to be surrendered without question. she is at the hospital now and police say she's very healthy. missing today's ceremony, paying tribute to his father and late grandfather, considered one of the most important national holidays. he has not been seen since september 3rd, sparking rumors he's ill or some kind of coo. the army completed its investigation of bergdahl, but the results are not being made public. army commanders are reviewing the findings.
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the military is looking into whether he deserted his post which would be punishable under military code. the obama administration secured his release in exchange for releasing five senior taliban prisoners. google wants cot to erase unflattering search results. they have received 145,000 such requests from people looking to improve their online reputation since may. that's when europe's highest court ruled the citizens have the right to influence what could be learned about them through online searches.
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insurance companies are spending millions of dollars
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trying to mislead you about the effects of proposition 46. well here's the truth: 46 will save lives. it will save money too. i'm bob pack, and i'm fighting for prop 46 because i lost my two children to preventable medical errors and i don't want anyone else to lose theirs. the three provisions in 46 will reduce medical errors and protect patients. save money and save lives. yes on 46.
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we've been following a string of incidents on the peninsula where police are looking for one or more men who are exposing themselves to strangers. the most recent case happened this morning. this, on the heels of three other incidents. we have the sketch released just this afternoon. >> reporter: people in belmont say what happened here is creepy. >> there's obviously something wrong with them and, you know, the person needs help. >> reporter: police say at about 7:40 a man sitting in a car exposed himself. one of the witnesses was waiting for a friend, looking out this window and saw a car parked. >> there was a man parked in a white bmw in front of the business, and he was exposing himself. >> reporter: the woman ran out to get the license plate as
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the car drove off. the car had paper license plates, perhaps dealer plates. investigators believe the man they are looking for is the same person depicted in this sketch released by palo alto police this afternoon. a man exposed himself yesterday afternoon on miller avenue while sitting in a new white bmw. he's described as white, clean cut, professional looking. >> the suspect description d d n n n n n l l l l l t t t h
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